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AirPrint Server with Ubuntu for Photo Booth Printers

iPads for Photo Booth use are quite popular and typically require a Wi-Fi Dongle (Print Server) to be able to print wirelessly. The printers for Photo Booths are normally Dye Sublimation Printers and have multiple manufacturers and models.

The more popular AirPrint Servers I have come across are DNP's WCM-2 module and the AirCast Pro 2. Currently the WCM-2 retails for $160 and the AirCast Pro 2 retails for $395.

Having tried the WCM-2 myself, I had issues with the print speed of upwards of 2 minutes. After asking fellow Photo Boothers, the consensus was to dump the WCM-2 and switch over to the more expensive AirCast Pro 2. This article provides a cheaper alternative using an old Laptop with Ubuntu (Linux OS) to get the same performance of an AirCast Pro 2!


  • Laptop (in my case a Dell E7450 I had lying around) - $100-$120 used in eBay

  • USB flash drive 8GB or Higher (used to install Ubuntu)

  • PC running Windows to create the USB Installer


  1. Install Ubuntu

  2. Install and Configure CUPS

  3. Install Gutenprint Drivers

  4. Configure Printer

Installing Ubuntu

1. Download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Desktop from here

2. Create USB Installer by downloading balenaEtcher

3. Insert USB Flash Drive in the PC and run balenaEtcher

4. Click on Flash from file and choose the Ubuntu image (ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso)

5. Click on "Change" to select the USB Flash Drive

6. Select the USB Device and click on Select1

7. Click on Flash

8. Get a cup of coffee and wait for balenaEtcher to complete

9. Once completed, close balenaEtcher and insert the USB Flash Drive to the Laptop. Boot from the USB Drive by hitting F12 to enable boot selection. Select the USB drive and hit enter. Please note F12 works for Dell Laptops and may be different for other brands (Del, F1, F2, F8, F10 etc)

10. Once booted, pick your language and click on Install Ubuntu

11. Pick your Keyboard Layout and click on Continue

12. On the Wireless Screen, select your Wi-Fi and click on Connect

13. Enter your Wi-Fi password and click on Connect

12. On the Install Screen, make sure "Normal Installation", "Download Updates..." and "Install third-party software..." options are checked, and click Continue

13. On the Installation Type Screen, click on "Advanced features..." and click on "Erase disk and use ZFS", then click OK, then click Install Now

14. Click Continue on the next screen

15. Choose your Location and click Continue

16. Type in your information, and make sure to select "Require my password to log in" then click Continue. (Remember the password!)

17. Grab another coffee and wait for the installation to complete

18. Once installation is complete, click on "Restart Now"

19. Remove the USB Flash Drive from the Laptop and press Enter

20. Once the laptop reboots, click on your username and enter the password you created to login to Ubuntu

21. Congratulations you have installed Ubuntu!

Install and Configure CUPS

1. Click on Show Applications, then click on Terminal

2. Type "sudo apt-get update" to update the package list of the repositories

3. CUPS should already be installed, but let us verify it by trying to install it by typing "sudo apt-get install cups"

4. Edit the CUPS configuration file by running "sudo gedit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf"

5. On line 22, change "Browsing No" to "Browsing Yes"

6. On line 18 Change "Listen localhost:631" to "Port 631"

7. Below line 36, add a new line with "Allow @LOCAL"

8. Below line 42, add a new line with "Allow @LOCAL"

9. Click the Save Button, then close gedit by clicking on "X"

10. Restart CUPS by typing "sudo systemctl restart cups"

Install Gutenprint Drivers

1. Install gutenprint drivers by typing "sudo apt-get install printer-driver-gutenprint -y"

2. Install GIMP Plugin by typing "sudo apt-get install gimp-gutenprint -y"

Configure the Printer

1. Plug the USB cable from your printer to your laptop

2. Open Firefox in the laptop and enter "localhost:631" on the URL bar

3. Click on Adminstration Tab, then "Add Printer" and enter your Ubuntu username and password, click on "Sign In"

4. Select your Printer from the "Local Printers" section, in this case the Dai Nippon Printing DP-DS620 and click "Continue"

5. Make sure "Sharing: Share This Printer" is Checked and click "Continue"

6. On the Make dropdown list, select your printer's manufacturer (Dai Nippon Printing in this case) and click "Continue"

7. From the dropdown list select your printer (DS620 in this case) and Click "Add Printer"

8. Click on Set Printer Options

9. In the Media Size set your proper media (here is 4x6) and click "Set Default Options"


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